What is the opportunity?

Being a technologist at Convexium means you get the best of both worlds: working for some of the most advanced financial companies and being part of a software development team responsible for cutting-edge technology and solutions. You’ll be working on projects that utilize the latest advancements in quantitative finance and software development, allowing you to stay at the cutting edge of both fields.

We are recruiting for our quant division, whose objective it is to advance risk assessment and optimize quant strategies for our clients. This opportunity is to join the core quant team within Convexium, which will work with traders, hedge funds and broker dealers across the globe to ensure they make well-informed investment decisions to optimize their profit potential.

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April 03, 2024

Job Summary

You’ll wield the power of data science to perform efficient data handling and ETL operations to transform raw data, conduct statistical analyses, and create compelling data visualizations, all aimed at extracting actionable insights, uncovering trends, and crafting comprehensive reports

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