Fintech Platform Development

Fintech experts and data scientists in machine learning, analytics, open API, risk and regulatory reporting

Enabling Fintech & Digital Financial Services

Credit Scoring & Underwriting with AI

Unique credit scoring and advanced machine learning based credit risk models to uncover full potential of your loan portfolio history and underlying data. Automatically build, validate and deploy high-performing artificial intelligence based risk models.

Banking Analytics & Reporting

Increase performance of - online channels, branches, finance & accounting, and core banking - through advanced analytics & dashboards. Monitor daily, weekly, monthly, risk metrics, key ratios, credit quality, profitability, and meet regulatory requirements.

Debt Collection with AI

Improve recovery rates powered by machine learning, predict delinquent borrowers, prioritise loan collection process through borrowers segmentation. Reduce collection costs and personalised engagement strategies with creditors, earlier in arrears.

Regulatory Reporting for Funds

Generate regulatory reports on the fly and have seamless data integration with your partners for faster compliance. European investment funds can overcome business and technical challenges in meeting PRIPS, AIFMD, KIID & UCITS requirements.

Fintech Cross Selling & Up Selling with AI

High performing marketing campaigns through customer data models that can help in cross-selling and up-selling. Never mis-sell a financial product and increase the credit demand by matching the right product with the right customer.

Unstructured Data & Enrichment with AI

Process reams of unstructured data, memos, underwriter notes, free text, social media content of customers and predict sentiments, enrich customer account data for onboarding and underwriting process.

Identity Management & KYC with Blockchain & AI

Blockchain based decentralised identity management to reduce fraud, build trust and prevent double counting problem. Authenticate and validate customers for KYC through Artificial Intelligence based selfie facial recognition and photo ID pattern matching.

Launch Fintech Products with APIs

Provide borrowers with a seamless loan experience, through API integration with loan origination partners, ecommerce, online car portals, HR departments, B2B apps, open banking initiatives. Verify collaterals, identities, transactions, balances and authenticate borrowers.

Fintech solutions with shorter time-to-market and reduced cost of ownership through an Opex partnership model for setting up digital financial services ecosystems.

Enabling Fintech and Regtech Platforms, Fintech Startups and Financial Institutions to drive innovation, build winning revenue models and get high profitability through a trusted and reliable Fintech platform development partner Convexium. Our Fintech domain experts closely work with banks, credit unions, savings & loans cooperatives, microfinance institutions, non banking financial companies, multi-finance providers, lending societies, wholesale financiers, institutional investors and fund managers.

We help our financial partners create value and build successful inclusive finance strategies through a scalable technology infrastructure. A combination of best-of-breed Fintech products, professional services and Fintech domain experts for developing solutions that align with your growth strategies, we provide highly skilled data scientists, machine learning and blockchain consultants.

Our Clients have trusted Convexium for more than 12 years (since 2007) for bringing their innovative ideas into disruptive reality. Convexium is a division of Netsity, which is a full stack software development company, with hundreds of successful case studies across the globe, a hands-on leadership team, and highly committed project teams.

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Fintech Innovation & Technology

Machine Learning for Fintech and Artificial Intelligence technology for financial services companies can help you innovate and stay ahead of your competition by growing the business across all business lines, reduce risk, prevent fraud, and have higher profitability. With machine learning trained models you can have better targeting of your customers; utilize capital more efficiently and generate higher shareholder returns; get higher leverage and stay compliant with the regulations; get access to low cost refinancing by demonstrating lower risk across all asset valuations; penetrate into untapped markets with big data opportunities; increase the lifetime value of your customer; and provide better support at a reduced cost.

Machine learning developers at Convexium can help you accelerate your model development, model training, testing, and evaluation. Backed by experienced data scientists and wealth of experience in Logistic Regression, Random Forest, Bayesian Networks, Support Vector Machine, Neural Network, Lasso Regression, R, Python, we can seamlessly integrate and deploy the models within your core banking infrastructure.

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API integration for Fintech and microservices management through open API frameworks from Convexium can help you create digital financial services experiences for your customers from core legacy systems at lightning speeds. Define the building blocks of innovative fintech products to drive increased customer satisfaction and enhanced business value. Create a wider range of personalised services through Account Aggregation; make payments and money transfers simple and safe; ensure a more complete and accurate capture of customer’s financial data, populate your machine learning models with transactional and historical data; access counterparties, payers, payees, loan accounts including their metadata; fetch data about Branches, ATMs including geolocation and opening hours; perform customer onboarding and manage KYC data.

With Convexium as your trusted partner for API management and microservice mesh governance you can be assured of full API life cycle management with inbuilt security and analytics for both internal and external API projects. Fintech integration for data, and processes with tooling support and connectors can help you scale for integration scenarios of any size for on-premise or in the cloud. Using event driven architecture, visual orchestration, reusable components you can extend APIs with microservices, publish data from any existing API and specify XML/JSON, JSON/JSON, XML/XML data format transformations. Convexium leverages cutting-edge technology such as microservices, dockers, kubernetes for unparalleled elasticity and scalability. Automatically extend back-end entity objects into web or mobile applications, REST APIs or SOA web services.

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Blockchain for Fintech can help financial institutions grow their book size by developing partnerships with loan originators, digital ecosystems and ecommerce players; they can manage underwriting workflows and credit scoring by writing smart contracts with other participants; manage identities of the customers and follow KYC processes with reduced costs on a blockchain network; launch successful peer to peer finance or P2P fintech marketplace by bringing down the cost of borrowing and fetch higher returns for the lenders; collaborate more effectively for B2B financing; and provide transparency, trust, speed of execution at a fraction of cost for all lines of business including lending, payments, remittances, wallets, mobile banking.

Blockchain experts at Convexium can help you bring your distributed and decentralised Apps – dApps to the markets faster. With specialised skills in Hyperledger, R3 Corda, Ethereum, Ripple, Solidity, Tendermint, we provide open source solutions, develop proprietary frameworks, ensure higher throughput and low latency infrastructure for enterprise grade blockchain applications.

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Advanced analytics and risk models for Fintech with our data scientists / modelers can drive your digital financial services transformation much faster. We help you in formulation of rules-based approach to AML / CFT / PEP; proprietary analytics for fraud prevention, mitigation in the possibility of false negatives and reduction in false positives; better marketing decisions with customer insights; better cash flow planning and treasury functions with reliable forecasts, managing increasing regulatory demands (CECL, IFRS 17, IFRS 9, BASEL III / IV).

With our Banking & Fintech Analytics experts you can monitor concentration risk, credit risk, counterparty risk, capital adequacy, loan portfolio segmentation analysis, identify profitable customer sections, efficient delinquency management and comprehensive loan servicing, take a risk-based approach through hybrid analytics for managing alerts, test scenarios, stress testing, what-if scenarios, P&L simulation, apply multiple forward projections, and respond faster to evolving risks and regulations.

We start by creating consolidated data hubs (data collection and aggregation to data validation and cleansing), data quality & integration, financial modeling, followed by reporting infrastructure to improve transparency and auditability with flexible workflow automation and embedded controls. As your needs change you can introduce new models, methodologies, scenarios and build, back-test and deploy models much faster, and get a complete, integrated view of your data. We work with public or private clouds and offer multiple ways for deployment – Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, and we support REST APIs, Python, R, Java, iOS, Android SDKs, Hadoop, Hive, and hundreds of data sources.

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About Us

Convexium is one of the top fintech platform development company with experience of more than 12 years in providing financial technology solutions and helping fintech startups build scalable products. Our full stack fintech software development services comprise of building analytics frameworks, machine learning models, open banking APIs and middleware, front-end, distributed apps through blockchain technology, banking business intelligence, financial reporting, and integration with your existing systems. Our development ops are driven by best practices and time-tested methodologies.

Quality assurance and building secure Fintech application does not happen by chance at Convexium. It’s a result of passionate fintech development teams, backed by experienced technical architects and seasoned project managers. With hundreds of satisfied clients globally, and an impeccable track record, we ensure we deliver your fintech projects on-time and on-budget.

Convexium is a wholly owned division of Netsity Systems (P) Ltd. We have successfully taken up the challenge of providing our clients with fintech solutions and data science expertise to service your globe-spanning financial services business.

We are headquartered in India, with a dedicated 10,000 sq.ft. of center-of-excellence, and global representative offices in UK, USA, Europe, and Far-East. Our team of experienced business analysts, risk management experts, quants blend our technology solutions with their Fintech domain understanding to offer you flexible and configurable solutions that empower your sales, marketing, underwriting, risk, investment, operations, compliance and customer support departments.

Our commitment to Quality Assurance is inherent in our business practices and project execution processes. Netsity has a Quality Management System that was audited and certified as per ISO9001:2008 norms.


CEO & Head of Technology

Avnish Gupta

Avnish is an experienced technical architect, building scalable and secure data infrastructure, enabling growth for the Fintech startups. He co-founded Convexium (Fintech division of Netsity) in 2007 and has helped many startups develop technology frameworks, design and architect technology solutions, manage full stack development teams. His razor sharp focus is on aligning project outcomes with client’s business goals, their funding targets, top line growth and strategic initiatives. Avnish is a Fintech expert and has successfully executed projects by bringing in his extensive knowledge with machine learning, data science, blockchain technology, and fintech software frameworks. He holds Engineering Degree in Computer Science from Pune University (B.E. batch of 1993).

Head of Business Development

Rajnish Gupta, CFA
Rajnish has extensive experience of hedge funds industry, lending business, SME credit, supply chain management with bulk buyers of agriculture commodities, inclusive finance and value chain financing with farmer groups and collectors. He co-founded Convexium in 2007 (Fintech division of Netsity) and has also spent last 10 years helping hedge funds scale up their operations, streamline middle office functions, have robust risk management frameworks, and meet regulatory compliance requirements as per various fund regimes in Europe. Rajnish holds Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA (ICFAI, 1997) and MMS in Finance (1996), alongwith Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Computers Science (1994).

Head of Operations

Om Prakash
Om is a serial entrepreneur having over 45 years of business experience. He has built businesses in industries as diverse as Financial Services, IT & Software Services, Electronics, Consumer Durables, Civil Engineering, Oil & Gas, Copper Wire. He started his career with Central Public Works Department, Government of India and after having a highly successful career for 7 years as a Civil Engineer; he established a major presence for each of the group companies.

Head of R&D

Geeta Gupta
Geeta heads the Fintech R&D division, where she identifies the machine learning models, development frameworks, big data infrastructure components and maps them to the real world business problems. With a solid understanding of various technologies, she works closely with the Fintech startups, product companies, developer communities, and experts. She co-founded Convexium in 2007 (Fintech division of Netsity) and has extensive experience in defining use-cases, helping startups build a solution architecture, and walk through the journey of finding product-market fit. She is very much hands-on with full stack Fintech platform development and works closely with technical team at Convexium. Geeta holds Masters of Computer Applications (MCA, 1997) and BSc Computers degree (1994).

Head of Devops

Rajnish Paul

Paul has over 20 years of experience in project management handling major accounts in the financial services sector, telecom, healthcare, high growth startups and product companies in US and UK. He manages Devops at Convexium across the full Fintech platform development lifecycle, Code, Build, Test, Package, Release, Configure, and Monitor. His responsibility is to ensure development and operations teams are not siloed, teams use tools & practices to automate development processes. In all Fintech projects at Convexium, Paul takes the ownership, gets development teams to move with speed, increase the pace of releases, reliability and improved collaboration. He holds Engineering Degree in Computer Science from Pune University. (B.E. batch of 1993).

Head of Compliance

Neeraj Agrawaal, CA
Neeraj is responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive Compliance and Regulatory strategy at Convexium. He also works in close coordination with our clients and advises them on legal structures, compliance framework, regulatory reporting, and risk management, especially for new Fintech start-ups. Neeraj is a seasoned Chartered Accountant and he has experience of more than 20 years in advising clients on cross-border taxation issues, structured finance, corporate restructuring, asset financing, equity and debt offerings. He is a subject matter expert on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) matters.