Financial distribution, digital marketing, client servicing

Financial distribution, digital marketing, client servicing

Our mission

Our mission is to help asset managers, insurance companies, banks, financial advisors achieve higher revenue growth and reduced distribution cost by enhancing your sales, marketing, distribution and customer servicing processes through innovative digital channels.

What we do

We provide you a suite of mobile apps, data aggregation platform and reporting infrastructure to help you digitally connect with your retail, high networth and institutional clients. With a special emphasis on mutual funds, insurance, banks, wealth managers, financial intermediaries and asset managers we enable you to establish multiple mobile touch points with your key stakeholders across various functions such as digital sales & marketing, financial need analysis, customer onboarding, transactions, product distribution, client reporting and analytics.

How we do it

With a variable pay-per-use pricing and SAAS approach we are able to provide a cloud-enabled mobile infrastructure and data aggregation platform at highly affordable prices with a minimal capital investment. Our fully managed technology platform enables you to focus on your core business and what you do best – develop best-in-class financial solutions for your clients helping them meet their goals and objectives, manage risks and generate performance.